A fresh take on
Skill-Building through
Whether you are a school/college student or a professional, SkillTally provides practice tests that help you enhance your knowledge and skill effortlessly.
What do we pursue?
Very often skill-assesments are used as post-mortem tools, labelling people as incompetent,mediocre or proficient.
At Skilltally, we design tests that ignite your curiosity to learn.
Who can benefit from SkillTally?

School & College Students

  • Use our syllabus based practice tests to get ahead of your class.

  • Use our spoken clarity tests to improve your english proficiency.

Working Professionals

  • Use our skill-certification tests to measure where you stand.

  • Then use our skill-practice tests to enhance desired skills.

Schools, Colleges & Corporates

  • A non threatening space for your students & employees to asses & enhance their skills.

  • Increase your class-participation & employee engagement metrics
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Skilltally is founded on the premise that -
right measurements result in right learning  and produce the right outcomes consistently! 
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