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The Skill Development Science We Believe In!


The Whole Truth

Engineering a ‘receptive state’ is the pre-requisite for Skill Development.

Learning interventions are likely to bring about the required change in behaviours, only when the individual, team and organization are in a ‘receptive state’.

How do we create & sustain a receptive state?

At SkillTally, we believe a receptive state can be ‘engineered’ through a multi-dimensional approach

  1. Ensuring that the ‘right metrics’ are in place to trigger the desired behaviours in individuals, teams & organization—what gets measured consistently, gets learnt & done well consistently!
  2. Enhance awareness of current skill levels & gaps by providing:
    • ‘competency comprehension’ assessments to measure what one knows/understands, through questionnaires administered to the target audience
    • ‘habituated’ competency assessments, to measure what one does, through questionnaires administered to managers/customers/peers and when required, through simulated assessments centres for the target audience
  3. Instilling ‘right conviction’ by:
    • Creating individual & collective experiences to break the current ‘dissonant beliefs’ that inhibit manifestation of the desired behaviours
    • Providing individual & collective experiences to foster ‘harmonious beliefs’ that support manifestation of the desired behaviours

Once the receptive state is achieved, we attempt to inculcate the desired behaviours by:

  1. Offering self-paced learning to build, strengthen, compliment the knowledge & understanding required for behaviour inculcation & skill enhancement.
  2. Running a skill gym for individuals/teams to acquire & practise new behaviours in a non-threatening environment
  3. Exchanging objective feedback on practise of new behaviours
  4. Providing continuous measurement & reporting of behaviour and outcome metrics
Ajay Joseph

Founder: Ajay Joseph

I am a perpetual student, with over 15 years applied in exploring the art and science of enabling individuals, teams, and organizations; to enable themselves.

After having started my career as a schoolteacher, I ventured into Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) and have had my share of learning – from successes as well as failures – in a variety of domains.

Experimentation with various methods for enhancing performance, has led me to arrive at this ‘distilled’ maxim – ‘What gets measured consistently, gets learnt and done well consistently!’. This is especially true when one regularly examines and persists with the intentional application of one’s talents, in achieving what one wants.

I am also a Gallup-Certified Strengths-Coach. As a coach, I attempt to marry ‘behavioural science’, ‘measurement focus’ and ‘intentional application of top talents’, in enabling clients to achieve their goals, with excellence & enjoyment.

Here are some of the key techniques I employ while coaching:

  • The Socratic Method by asking (pertinent) question after question
  • Success Marking Techniqueself-monitoring the intentional use of success behaviours and application of top talents.
  • TAPs Talent Application Projects

Everybody perhaps needs a coach, but one needs to be ready for being coached and then seek out a coach with a compatible coaching style. If you are committed to personal growth and keen to persist with the aforementioned coaching techniques; send an email to expressing your interest and objectives, in seeking a coach.

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