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The Whole Truth

Engineering a ‘receptive state’ is the pre-requisite for Skill Development.

Learning interventions are likely to bring about the required change in behaviours, only when the individual, team and organization are in a ‘receptive state’.

How do we create & sustain a receptive state?

At SkillTally, we believe a receptive state can be ‘engineered’ through a multi-dimensional approach

  1. Ensuring that the ‘right metrics’ are in place to trigger the desired behaviours in individuals, teams & organization—what gets measured consistently, gets learnt & done well consistently!
  2. Enhance awareness of current skill levels & gaps by providing:
    • ‘competency comprehension’ assessments to measure what one knows/understands, through questionnaires administered to the target audience
    • ‘habituated’ competency assessments, to measure what one does, through questionnaires administered to managers/customers/peers and when required, through simulated assessments centres for the target audience
  3. Instilling ‘right conviction’ by:
    • Creating individual & collective experiences to break the current ‘dissonant beliefs’ that inhibit manifestation of the desired behaviours
    • Providing individual & collective experiences to foster ‘harmonious beliefs’ that support manifestation of the desired behaviours

Once the receptive state is achieved, we attempt to inculcate the desired behaviours by:

  1. Offering self-paced learning to build, strengthen, compliment the knowledge & understanding required for behaviour inculcation & skill enhancement.
  2. Running a skill gym for individuals/teams to acquire & practise new behaviours in a non-threatening environment
  3. Exchanging objective feedback on practise of new behaviours
  4. Providing continuous measurement & reporting of behaviour and outcome metrics

Founder: Ajay Joseph

I am a perpetual student… With about a decade and a half spent in exploring the science & art of enabling individuals, teams and organizations, enhance their performance.

After having started my career as a school teacher, I transitioned to corporate learning, and have had my share of failures & successes in Instructional Design, Performance Gap Analysis, Competency Mapping, Facilitation, Client Engagement, New Product/Program Development and Building Delivery Capacity.

Experimentation with various methods of enhancing performance through behaviour change, has led me to realise that—What gets measured consistently, gets learnt & done well consistently!

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