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Learners, Recruiters, Corporates & Trainers can uniquely profit, by using SkillTally.

    • Want to know where you stand vis-à-vis others on specific skills?
    • But also worried about what others will think of your scores?
    • Fear no more… SkillTally brings you an online platform to gauge your skills quantitatively and compare yourself with others on the same skills, anonymously.
    • Want to improve your skills, employability and personal outcomes?
    • But also tired of the information overload in classroom-training and e-learning modules?
    • Feel energized… SkillTally offers a refreshing change from traditional development methods, by providing tests that build skills simultaneously.
    • Want recruiters to contact you based on your skills and not force fit you into a role they have?
    • Want trainers & coaches to contact you based on your skill-gaps?
    • Your profile & tests scores will be shared with recruiters, trainers & coaches only if you specifically choose to do so, while registering with SkillTally.
    • SkillTally reserves the right to showcase the improvement in their Users\’ SkillTally Scores, to third parties, as it deems fit.
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