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Spoken Clarity Test

Measure & discover how easy or difficult it is to understand you, while conversing in English Language

Spoken Clarity Products

These assessments are designed to quantify your:


Pronunciation Efficacy: How comprehensible is your English pronunciation is to global audiences?


Reading Speed: Number of words read per minute when reading aloud, a given text.


Extempore Speech Rate: Number of words spoken per minute when speaking extempore.

Our attempt is to enable self-paced and on-demand development of how comprehensible you are, without trainer intervention.

How Spoken Clarity Tests help

You are expected to take the test multiple times, till you consistently achieve the scores you are comfortable with.

We recommend that you take the test at least thrice a day for best results. Each test is likely to take about 5 minutes.

Compare your recorded text with the original text and identify words that are pronounced incorrectly.

Listen to the correct pronunciation in machine voice, by choosing your preferred accent on the score page.

You skill-build as you continue testing, because this is a test that is ‘skill-practise’ at the same time.

What gets measured consistently, gets learnt & done well consistently!

Hence, the more tests you take, the more likely you are to improve.

Types of Spoken Clarity Assessments

Standard Spoken Clarity Tests
  • We provide the paragraph/s to be tested
  • You read aloud the given text, record and submit
  • System auto-evaluates your audio and outputs your Pronunciation and Reading Speed scores.
  • In the results page, the system provides the original text and the recorded text converted from your audio.
  • You can practice the correct pronunciation of the mispronounced words, by playing the original text in your preferred accent. 
  • You can practice adjusting your reading speed to match with the ideal reading speed range, displayed on your score page.
  • Please note that your reading speed scores does not reflect your actual rate of speaking, during extempore conversations.
  • Try our test on Extempore Speech Rate to get a better understanding of how fast or slow you speak, during extempore conversations.
  • Please note that the scores are only near-accurate indicators of your competence in the specific skills.
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